Crossroads Springs Africa facilitates secondary and post-secondary education for disadvantaged Kenyan youth so they can reach their potential and become sources of economic and leadership strength in their communities.
Greetings to all friends and supporters of Crossroads Springs Africa's programs in Kenya! You may be wondering how our students and families are doing during the Coronavirus outbreak. Kenya is no exception to the challenges everyone faces in health, protection, and finding ways to help others. In this message you will find out what is being done by our staff on the ground and what each of us can do to help. With gratitude for your continued support. - Alison Hyde.
August 1 - midnight EST September 7, 2020

As you may be aware, we were unable to have our largest fundraiser of the year, our Kentucky Derby Gala, "Off to the Races" in May. Consequently, our financial situation has been affected. To try to make up for lost revenue we will be holding an online "Buy it Now then Auction" on eBay. eBay for Charity benefits non-profit organizations by letting them use the platform without fees.

To go to the "BUY IT NOW then AUCTION" web page CLICK HERE.

eBay only allows an “auction” to last ten days. Consequently, August 1-August 28 will be our ”Buy it Now” for a fixed price part of the event. After August 28, we will lower the prices of all of the remaining items to starting bid prices and the bidding and auction part of the event will begin. The auction will run through midnight EST on September 7, (Labor Day).

You will need to be an eBay Member to bid on an item. Signing up for an eBay account is quick and easy. To sign up for an eBay account, all you need is an email address. Once your account is set up, you can buy, sell, and enjoy all the benefits of being an eBay member. To sign up for eBay click here

You may still donate items for auction until August 28th! Kindly have a look in your closets and around your house for items that you may not need. We would really appreciate it. Call Betsy at (716) 572-3981 to find out how to donate and describe your item or items. Or e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



CSA is proud to announce that seven of our high school graduates have received high scores in the national high school exams qualifying them for “Direct Entry” status to attend university.In Kenya, upon completing Form 4, all students must sit for the KCSE Exam. On average, 15% of Kenyan high school students receive scores which qualify them for “Direct Entry”, which provides acceptance to university and a government subsidy toward payment for university. Of the CSA-supported students that graduated in 2019, we are pleased to report that over 23% earned “Direct Entry”, far exceeding the national average! CSA has committed to assisting our “Direct Entry” students to enable them to meet the financial obligations not covered by the government subsidy. If you would like to provide assistance, please consider designating a CSA contribution to the Polly Fund, which supports our university students. Congratulations to each of these high school students!!

The students, their universities and area of study are as follows. Joseph Mutuva will be studying law at the University of Embu. Felix Ambasu will be studying Community Development at Egerton University. Diana Irahuya will be studying Educational Arts at the University of Nairobi. Brian Kipkemboi will be studying Commerce at Murang’a University. Harmony Nyota will be studying Business Administration at Tom Mboya University. Elvis Kadeya will be studying Botany at Rongo University. Finally, Bramwel Mwavali will be studying Educational Arts at Kenya Methodist University. Congratulations to all!


Crossroads Springs Africa COVID Relief Fund

The coronavirus crisis is being taken seriously in Kenya. The numbers of current coronavirus cases increase by larger percentages each day. The disease has spread to Western Kenya where schools are shuttered, markets closed, and a curfew is in effect. These measures also mean the economy has ground to a halt and family guardians' meager income from day-labor and micro-business has dried up. Homes are full of children, and many guardians are pleading with us explaining that they have no money for food or hygiene items like soap. Please continue to help us give them some relief during this challenging time. Each month since April, CSA has been sending $38 to each of our 100 families. That amount provides one meal a day for a family of five for a month. Pastor Ida, Administrator of KOCC, tells us that "the messages he gets from families and the smiles he's seen are just amazing and that it is wonderful to see a family afford a smile in such a time!” Thank you to all of our supporters who have donated. We are now raising funds for the month of August. Please consider a donation. Thank you.

CSA and FOK Working Together - Student Pictures

CSA and Friends of Kakamega have been working together on providing pictures of students to supporters of each organization. We do not yet have pictures of every student but eventually we hope that we will. Letter writing is not possible during this time, however, we are hoping that some pictures of students will give our supporters some idea of what has been going on in students' lives lately. FOK has provided us with pictures they have taken of our students at home. We have used them to create an online slide show. The students are studying at home and they are happy for the donations to the COVID Relief Fund. The link to the “student at home” slide show is here.

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We have started to publish some newsletters that are only being sent via email. They have included helpful links to pdfs, web pages and other online documents of interest such as slide shows. This will save us much needed funding that can be used for our students and their families. And in times of COVID-19, this may be a safer solution. Keep following all of our news but please sign up to receive our newsletters in your email. The link to sign up is in the sidebar to the right. E-mail supporters also receive a link to our bi-weekly crossword puzzle challenge. The winners will receive a CSA Game Winner t-shirt. Here is an example: see the crossword puzzle for this week (CSA Culinary Crossword 1). For Crossword Puzzle CLICK HERE. If you would like to be in the running to win the t-shirt, you must provide your email when you are prompted. Only the puzzle master will see the scores. People receive points for correct answers and for the amount of time it took them to complete the puzzle. Have fun and thank you for your continued support. Stay safe. gameshirt