Crossroads Springs Africa, Inc. provides secondary school scholarships to orphans
and other vulnerable students in Kenya so that they will have the skills and knowledge
to become self-reliant and responsible citizens in their communities.


Welcome to Crossroads Springs Africa’s web site! We invite you to join with us in our efforts to make secondary and post secondary education possible for capable, but vulnerable, Kenyan young people. High school education is not free in Kenya, so only half the qualified students are able to afford this opportunity that we often take for granted in USA.

The Kenya school year began in January 2017 with a flurry of activity here, and much work in Kenya with our partner Kakamega Orphan Care Center. We are proud to say that, thanks to donor sponsors and supporters of fund raising events, 33 eager graduates of Class 8 entered high school for the first time in January. Continuing in Forms 2, 3, 4 are 80 CSA students, doing well and very grateful for support. We are preparing now to launch our new post-secondary scholarship program, enabling some of our high school graduates to go on to higher education, as funding allows.

Many students still need sponsors, so please consider supporting a student through CSA and getting to know him or her. Please click here to see three students who would love to be sponsored by you. Learn much more as you explore this web site!

Best wishes! Alison Hyde, President Crossroads Springs Africa