The Segal Family Foundation

The Segal Family Foundation (SFF) partners with nonprofit organizations improving the well-being of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its vision is that every Sub-Saharan African grows up with access to quality education and health services, the protection of their reproductive rights, and the opportunity to contribute to a productive society.,/p>

The foundation provides substantial annual grant support for our program and provides mentoring and connections through its Annual Meeting, attended annually by over 200 partners and friends. The 2016 Meeting was held in Tanzania and in 2017 it will be held in the US. We regularly send representatives to this event and much appreciate the help it has provided. We are most appreciative of the financial support the Segal Family Foundation has provided to Crossroads Springs Africa.

We are building a community of creative collaborators. We bring together visionary grassroots organizations, progressive donors, and collaborative intentional NGOs to implement, refine, and scale development solutions that are effective and locally appropriate.“

You can learn more about the Segal Family Foundation from their website.