Off to High School!

A new class of Form One scholars headed off to school in January, beginning a new venture for each one, after careful selection on the basis of academic achievement, character, and financial need. CSA committed to 35 students from Hamisi and the Kakamega area. They gathered in Kakamega to get encouragement, to get their supplies, and head off with excitement and anticipation. In May, Ida, Grace, and Lydia visited them at their schools, to learn of their progress and any needs. Lydia reports that the students say they have settled in well and teachers say these students are “well behaved and have the potential to score quality grades.” She also says they will continue to visit students whenever a need arises.

Currently we support 35 students in Form One, 30 in Form Two, 32 in Form Three and 30 in Form Four. Our 127 students in the high school program attend a variety of schools in Kenya.

If you are not already a sponsor, please join us as one for $800 a year!

Camp Retreat in Hamisi

Our high school students attended a one-day “camp” in Hamisi where they received their sponsors’ letters, enjoyed soda and snacks, and listened to a presentation from Marie Stopes Kenya, a not for profit organization specializing in reproductive health. There was joy in the air as students read letters from their sponsors and carefully wrote their replies.

After refreshments, representatives from Marie Stopes offered frank advice to the students. The first topic was making sound choices to avoid the traps of drinking and drugs, followed by a conversation about risk-factors that lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and early pregnancy. To cap it off, the students learned about the importance of abstinence while also receiving complete, honest information about protection from STDs and the various contraceptive options available and how to access them.