Off to High School!

A new class of Form 1 scholars headed off to school in January, beginning a new venture for each one, after careful selection on the basis of academic achievement, character, and financial need. CSA committed to 20 students from Hamisi and 10 from the Kakamega area. They gathered in Kakamega to get encouragement, to get their supplies, and head off with excitement and anticipation.  In May, Ida, Grace, and Lydia visited them at their schools, to learn of their progress and any needs. Lydia reports that the students say they have settled in well and teachers say these students are “well behaved and have the potential to score quality grades.”  She also says they will continue to visit students whenever a need arises.

If you are not already a sponsor, please join us as one for $800 a year!

June Mid-Term Break

In late June many of the students from Forms One, Two, and Three met for a special gathering in Kakamega… wonderful chance to get together with friends and to get encouragement and support from ida, Grace, and Lydia.   All of these students have high hopes, promise to work hard, and are so grateful for the opportunity provided them by sponsors through CSA. Crossroads Springs now has a total of 115 students in the high school program in a variety of schools in Kenya. If you are not already a sponsor, please join us as one for $800 a year!