Please Make a Donation to Crossroads Springs Africa, Inc.


Secondary school (high school) in Kenya is not free. The costs/fees are prohibitive for most Kenyan families, especially the most disadvantaged. Even if you choose not to sponsor a child for their secondary education, your thoughtful donation will help Crossroads Springs Africa offset the expenditures which are necessary for the students' care, and well being. Here is a list of needs that special donations to the CSA Scholarship Program will provide:.

  • Textbooks
  • Set books (required reading)
  • Shoes (needed for Form 1 and Form 3)
  • Scientific Calculator (needed by Form 2 and Form 3)
  • Geometric Set and Math Tables (needed by Form1)
  • Field Trip Fees (needed once per year)
  • Trunks and Backpacks
  • Mosquito Bed Net
  • CSA Mentoring/Life Skills Workshop
  • Physical Education Kit
  • Copy Paper
  • Matresses

To make a donation for a specific amount for a specific item: $300 for a computer for a post secondary school student, $50 for a Sun King Pro Solar Light for a student doing homework at night or $800 for a secondary school sponsorship, CLICK HERE.