Volunteers from Kenya and USA became friends through an Operation Crossroads Africa work project that brought together youth from USA, Canada and Kenya to "build bridges of understanding" through a summer project. Chief Hezron wanted a soccer field in the middle of the village and they built it together, making long lasting friendships. That was 1962. The field still provides a place for games and gatherings in Hamisi.

In 2004 American, Canadian, and Kenyan friends, some of whom had been on the 1962 project, joined together to assist orphans of the AIDS epidemic who were struggling after the death of parents. An unfinished building was completed for a school and residential care center. Children and teachers were already in the school while building took place. Each morning the children would greet the North Americans with smiles and "Welcome our visitors." A Quaker Meeting in USA provided the non-profit umbrella for receiving donations to be sent to Kenya for this project. .

Before Crossroads Springs Africa partnered with Friends of Kakamega and Kakamega Orphan Care Center, it focused on education of elementary students, grades 1-8 in nearby Hamisi, Kenya. Several groups from USA visited, participated in activities with students and teachers, and planned with the administrators. When the Kenyan government made primary education tuition free, families still needed to supply uniforms and some materials, but with free tuition, they were much more able to pay for their children’s education. The school CSA built is still serving the local community. CSA incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2010. .

Seeing the great need for secondary student support to pay for tuition, travel to schools, and other required expenses from mattresses to clothes washing basins, CSA found that FoK and KOCC were active in the area with similar goals. Our partnership began with the evolution from primary to secondary education support. Our shared goals become clearer every day as we see changes in Kenya's governmental policy and the needs of its citizens. .

Crossroads Springs Africa and Friends of Kakamega partner with Kakamega Orphan Care Center in Kakamega, Kenya to provide scholarships for vulnerable secondary and university students so that they will become independent, contributing citizens. Through family assistance and agricultural programs, families rise out of poverty. Students come together at the Care Center for instructional and enjoyable retreats each year. They are advised by social workers, guidance counselors, and administrator Ida Nelson who listen and mentor them on individual academic and life issues.