Crossroads Springs Africa facilitates secondary and post-secondary education for disadvantaged Kenyan youth so they can reach their potential and become sources of economic and leadership strength in their communities.


Dick YoungIt is with great sadness that we must cancel our 6th Annual Kentucky Derby "Run for the Roses" event on May 2, 2020. We wish everyone well in our global community and encourage all to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In previous years we have counted on the Kentucky Derby event to raise more than $25,000 toward our annual budget. While we are disappointed to be canceling the event, we hope you will consider a donation so that we are able to continue our programs supporting those that are most vulnerable. We recognize that we will not be providing you with the festivities of fancy hats and mint juleps, but we hope that you will understand the impact this funding has on our students, and recognize how important your donations are to their education and well-being.


This new program benefits our high school graduates who have not qualified for colleges and universities. We believe that all young people deserve a chance to make the most of their talents and motivations, and we are continuously working to develop, run, and improve training programs that help post-high-school youth start businesses as they build independent adult lives.

The program was officially launched on January 20th, assisting 19 young people to find meaningful incomes from their most valuable physical asset in common: farmland. Because most agricultural in western Kenya is subsistence-based, and few villagers have ever seen higher-earning agricultural activities, the program will start by providing inspiration and exposure to new ideas and activities through field trips and guest speakers. They will see mushrooms farms, fruit orchards, fish ponds, and successful horticulture and poultry ventures. The youth will then take part in business-plan training, compare and select an agribusiness activity, and break into smaller groups for production-training specific to their chosen endeavors. Following this, each participant will receive a “micro-grant” of start-up capital to launch their new farm business, followed by continued mentorship, on-farm visits from our agricultural field officers, and workshops that will link them to microfinance banks so they can grow and expand their businesses in the future.