Crossroads Springs Africa’s Post Graduate Program is Launched!

For several years now, our partner in Kenya, Kakamega Orphans Care Centre, has been selecting and providing guidance and sponsorship funding for some of their KOCC graduates, so we sought their advice. Their criteria are thorough and fair, so we have asked them to select, according to the students’ national scores, the KOCC criteria, and student goals, some students to go on to higher education. The CSA board originally approved selecting 4 students from our 22 secondary graduates from 2016 to go on to further education (University, Teacher Training, Polytechnic). Generous funding has just come from another source, so a total of 10 qualifying students could be selected this year (2017). What a fantastic beginning for the program!

The Polly Fund

Creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Crossroads Springs Africa established the Polly Fund to provide funds for our university/college students continuing education costs. Each year, Kenyan students in their final year of high school take exams that determine their eligibility for university/college. CSA works with the students chosen to provide the funds needed for them to attend by removing financial obstacles that might otherwise prohibit them from attending.

We chose the name for our fund from a generous bequest given by the estate of Polly Amrein.

Polly AmreinPolly was an adventuresome single woman who was passionate about international education and human rights. She lived in California and taught around the world on self styled five year plans. Having taught at a blind school in California, she enrolled in the Afro-Anglo-American program (Teachers College, Columbia and Department of Education in Tropical Areas, University of London), preparing to teach in Africa. During her teaching years in Nigeria, she drove to Swaziland and South Africa during the Apartheid period in South Africa to visit African friends made in New York City. Her five-year plan led her to China next, and to a lasting friendship with a young person who became her “daughter.” Retirement was never an appropriate word for Polly. She volunteered to register homeless people under bridges in Berkeley, California, and kept others informed of human rights issues. A friend of all who became her family, she thought nothing of driving (and sleeping) across the country with her dog in a VW van to show up at a goddaughter’s wedding. Polly’s bequests demonstrate her interest in many human development efforts that are her legacy forever.