John Chisholm sent me a mini quiz that got me thinking that we should have a similar one on the CSA site. So with this quiz I am just learning a new Joomla Extension... here is the email that I received from John.

A little while back I had a chance to begin making this little KCSE mini-quiz as a fun website link (to be promoted via Facebook post) which could draw people to our website and engage them (and maybe get some money too). But I want to shorten it (so we don't lose people) before making it something I put up. 4 or 5 questions may be enough, it's just trying to give a sense of what students face. Certainly I would be fine with you putting up the same for CSA if you're interested. In exchange, I would ask that you let me know which quiz questions are fun and engaging, and which take things too far. No, I don't expect most people will "do" all the questions (for example the math ones) - this is mostly to show how tough the exams are and to help people empathize with students' hard work.  The 3 week KCSE exam for high school finishers ends in about 2 weeks from now, so I'll want to post this with that context in mind (and you may too).